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Frequently Asked Questions

We have assembled some commonly asked questions to help our listeners

When and where is Tech Talk Live podcast aired?

Tech Talk Live podcast airs every Tuesday evening at 6pm PST/9pm EST on X, Twitch and YouTube live (coming soon).

What topics are discussed on Tech Talk Live?

Tech Talk Live covers trending tech topics such as smartphones, AI, blockchains, web3, virtual reality, new security updates, and more!

How can I listen to Tech Talk Live?

You can listen to Tech Talk Live replays on any podcast platform and live every Tuesday at 6pm PST/9pm on X or Twitch. Simply search for Tech Talk Live and start streaming our latest episodes.

Is Tech Talk Live a live show or pre-recorded?

Tech Talk Live is a live podcast, which gives listeners the opportunity to engage in real-time discussions and ask questions to the speakers. DM us on X your questions or request to join the conversation and we will be happy to have you.